Leslie Shane

Leslie graduated in 1979 with an associates of science in nursing. She went on to earn a master of science degree in nursing administration at Northeastern University; as well as an executive leadership certificate at Cornell University, and a cancer coach professional certificate at York University in Canada.

Leslie started out as a nurse at Boston City Hospital, caring for patients with limited resources. During that time, she earned an award for nursing excellence.

With the degree in nursing administration, she moved into the business of healthcare management.

For nearly 17 years she was Director of Global Programs for Partners Healthcare International. In that role she was director of Bermuda’s Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment Program. She facilitated international training programs for nurses and physicians and improved global access to care.

Leslie notes that was inspired by dedicated professors at Cape Cod Community College. In particular, she speaks of the influence of the late Dr. David Scanlon for introducing her to the concept of trans-cultural nursing. This stresses the need to be sensitive to cultural differences in focusing on each individual patient and their needs.

Leslie is now an independent global healthcare business consultant with Albright Stonebridge Group. And she is a cancer coach, developing a program for an organization in Bermuda.

Leslie Shane’s exceptional career brings honor to the College and we are pleased to honor her as Alumna of the Year.