Board of Directors

The CCCC Educational Foundation Board of Directors is a dynamic and committed group of local business and community leaders, alumni, and faculty who are dedicated to the mission of the Foundation. They believe in the importance of the community college and know it has a tremendous impact on the vitality of our region.

Board members serve up to two three-year terms. Meetings are held six times/year. Each board member serves on at least one subcommittee.

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Rachael Aiken, Chair
Craig Morong, Vice Chair
Sue Miller, Vice Chair
Chris Richards, Treasurer
William Roberts, Clerk


Maria Anderson
John Bologna
John Bologna
Claudine Barnes, Faculty Liaison 
Jamie Bohlin
Sarah Colvin
John Cox, College President
Becky Dowd
Diane Donalson
Henry (Hank) Holden
Rufus Jones
Linda Markham
Paul McCormick, Jr.
Polyanna Rocha
Mark Russell, Esq.
Kareem Sanjaghi
Tom Sullivan
Patricia (Pat) Washington
George Vasvatekis, College Trustee Liaison