Alumni Profile: Gil Ricci

I graduated from Cape Cod Community College in 2009. I was looking for a school to complete my Associate’s degree after a four year tour in the United States Air Force. I returned to the Cape and the College was a logical choice due to my full-time work schedule and the campus’s convenient location.

During my time at Cape Cod Community College I received a great education. The combination of a talented and an appealing environment, made my studies at Cape Cod Community College very enjoyable. More importantly I find myself still utilizing the lessons I learned from my professors while at the College.

After graduating I sharpened my skills in various positions, and found my path in management. I have been the Materials Manager at Cape Air for the past three years and have been with the company for a total of seven years. As the person responsible for $8 million in aircraft parts inventories spread across 30 maintenance bases I find myself often tapping into my Cape Cod Community College education.

Being a Cape Cod Community College alumnus is something I’m very proud of. My wife is an alumna and the education we received has allowed us to build our roots here on the Cape with our three children. I look forward to continuing to support the Cape Cod Community College Alumni Network and engaging with my fellow alumni to support our local community.