Alumni Profile: Cam Dixon

My name is Cameron S. Dixon, I’m a recent graduate and new Alumnus of Cape Cod Community College. I had the best possible college experience during my time at CCCC. I was afforded opportunities to travel to multiple countries with my fellow students, and was given experiences that most people never get the chance to have. From meeting with the Dubai Economic council, to helping children in a small Hattian orphanage, we truly became student of the world. If I could have had my entire college experience at CCCC I would have done so in a heartbeat.

My experience did not start out in this way though. I was lost and unsure of what the future held when I first arrived at CCCC. My college experience really only began to develop as I began to listen to my professors and take their words to heart. There are select individuals in our lives who help shape us into the people we are to become. They patiently work with us, helping craft our abilities and our perspective until the promise they see in us begins to show. If we are not careful we may miss these individuals, but fortunately I did not. Throughout CCCC there are professors that want to see you grow and succeed, and I was fortunate enough to benefit from them.

Serving as the student body president in my final year at the college, I was able to connect with countless students, professors, and community leaders. We worked together to help foster a sense of common identity at our college, and in my mind, these co-curricular experiences went hand in hand with my academic success at CCCC. As I look back now, I see how the mold was slowly being created. I was pushed up steps outside of my comfort zone time and time again, ever growing, and ever learning. Until eventually, that moment came when it was time to take all that I had done, and all that I had learned across the stage with me at graduation.

After graduating I started a clothing company, C.S.Dixon which I have continued to run while I work toward completing my bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating from CCCC I was accepted to Liberty University where I became the Jr. Class President in my first year with the same goal of bringing community to everyone.

I’m honored to be working with the Cape Cod Community College Alumni Network, engaging with my fellow alumni, and helping shape our experience as Cape Cod Community College Alumni.