Alumni Profile: Meredith Flynn

My name is Meredith Flynn, and I am a proud graduate of Cape Cod Community College.

Why I chose CCCC:
I was your typical, perfect candidate to go to a four-year college/university. I had great grades for all four years of high school. I was in the honor society. I played Varsity Tennis. I volunteered, and participated in countless clubs. I felt pressured to apply at these expensive schools. Everyone around me was going to a four-year university, and I just could not get my head around how expensive this would be for me and my family to bear. I did get a small scholarship from the Rochester Institute of Technology and I felt bad because I was thinking maybe they had wasted it on me. But then I learned about Cape Cod Community College and their Business Transfer program to UMass Dartmouth. I felt like it was a no-brainer. CCCC’s transfer program granted me the affordable opportunity to go to college. I set up all my class credits to transfer. If a career path I wanted to pursue presented itself, I would be able to enroll at UMass Dartmouth and earn my bachelor’s degree. But in my heart, I knew I wanted to get right into working fulltime and becoming the business owner I am today.

My experience at CCCC:
Right off the bat, I had really nice and friendly advisors to help me choose classes and schedule them on two days of the week so that I could have a good work/school balance. I was able to achieve this. This was really great for me because I was able to complete my classes and all the homework on only two days of the week. Those days were very long and I spent countless hours on the second floor of the library (my favorite spot to study) but it usually all got done on that day.

I always felt safe. As a young woman taking night classes frequently, I think that is important to mention. The campus was always well lit, and there were never strange people hanging around.

My professors were all kind, supportive, and insightful. I particularly liked the accessibility and insights of the adjunct professors. They usually held jobs in the fields they were teaching about, and had a different inside perspective on the teaching matter. They always had great real life stories and advice to share.

CCCC’s is an incredible educational opportunity. I graduated in two years at age 19.

Where I am now:
I own a seasonal bakery on Cape Cod called Woolfie’s Bakery. It is so busy and a labor of love, but so much fun, and enjoyable. I am also a partner in a website design and local SEO firm called 118GROUP. I get to be creative, and we have really great clients who are pleased with our work.
Someone once told me, “Life is a combination of hard work and luck.” It’s true.