Alumni Profile: Sarah Colvin

After graduating high school in 1994, I attended a private college for a year but chose not to return due to the expense. Once home on Cape Cod, I was dead set against going to CCCC as I felt I would not be challenged or inspired. Eventually, the need to exercise my brain and the desire to find a career path pushed me to enroll.

I began taking classes at Cape Cod Community College in January 1996. At that time, I had no idea what my future held. I took classes that I thought would be interesting: mythology, creative writing, art history, painting, astronomy. I quickly learned that my assumptions about CCCC were wrong, and I was challenged, inspired, and looked forward to coming to school each day.

My desire for a social life coupled with my love for music drew me to the College radio station, 90.7 WKKL. Walking through the door of that cozy space (located then) on the 2nd floor of the Commons building, completely changed my life. It was at the radio station that I not only found like-minded friends, lots of fun, and music but, I also took the initial steps towards a career that I have enjoyed for nearly two decades. I read the news on the radio for the first time in the fall of 1996, and while it would be nearly 10 years until I had the chance to do it professionally, I learned that I loved being behind the mic and sharing information with my community.

I was connected with my first paying job on the radio thanks to Lisa Zinsius, my teacher and mentor at CCCC. Today, I work for the Cape Cod Community Media Center, where I produce and host a weekly television news program that I created called Cape Media News. Through the years as I’ve gone from top-40 radio DJ to morning radio news anchor to news director to morning show co-host to television news anchor and producer, I will never forget the time I spent at CCCC and the impact it had on my career.